Product Features


Image is everything! With virtually no effort WebShare can be branded with your logo. And if WebShare is part of a service offering end-clients can easily customize the software for their own purposes. Purchase options include single brand and unlimited brands to support multiple service providers.

Header and footer logo upload

10 color options

Customizable terms of service

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

WebShare includes advanced reporting features to track usage. Data can be downloaded into Excel for further analysis.

Report formats include:

Conference Charges by Date and Conference Room

Usage reports

Traffic reports

Meeting sessions

Concurrent ports


WebShare offers the capability to schedule meetings in advance and remind meeting participants about upcoming meetings and follow-up activity.

Date Range from Built-In Calendaring Functionality

Delivery of automated reminders

Automated follow-up email capability


WebShare allows users to share their desktop, deliver a ‘live’ video sales presentation, conduct a webinar, or provide online training. Sharing functionality includes:

Desktop viewing

Flash video share

Instantaneous presenter change

Built in chat capabilities or privately converse with participants

Drawing tools applied to any presentation software (PPT, XLS, Word etc) allowing point, draw or highlighting of content


WebShare allows users to record meeting information and presentation content for use at a later viewing. Features include:

Voice and screen simultaneous recording

Recording of full meetings and storage to save content

Ability to share video content outside of the system just like YouTube

Post to Facebook and Twitter


Comprehensive storage of multi-media documents such as PowerPoint, video content and other materials including pre-recorded presentations. Services include:

Storage for PowerPoint, Excel, Word Documents, MP3 etc

Cloud-based storage to train and share

Solves bandwidth issues for company-wide presentation content

Sub directories for every web conference user including individual library storage

Ability to share streaming video

Interactive white board and images store

Polling & Survey Capabilities

Advanced polling and survey features are a requirement for managing large conferences and training efforts in order to gauge impact and ensure message impact.

Present polling questions verbally or on the white board

One click polling response

Automatic tabulation on moderator panel

Audio Service

No cost audio functionality makes web conferencing affordable and easy to access by browser.

Built in VoIP functionality

Teleconference bridge integration

Conference Room Management

Better administrative tools help enterprise organizations to organize and distribute web conferencing capabilities on a global basis. Key administrative features include:

Create and delete conference rooms

Live conference viewer with click to dial functionality to add a caller

Email summaries to multiple people

Email conference room codes to users

Set up groups

Set up accounts

Test bandwidth

Establish password

Set up profiles

In system conference call administrative emails

Real-time caller-ID information


As secure as the corporate network, WebShare can be opened up to outside participants without additional risk, especially important for sharing financial or medical information.

End-to-end encryption

User Authentication

One-Time meeting passwords