How WebShare Works

For pricing to support just a few hundred hosts, WebShare pays for itself in a year and ensures the security of the corporate network. No risk, face-to-face communication month-after-month.

WebShare allows corporate organizations to enjoy unlimited access to sophisticated web conferencing services for a single, one-time purchase price.

Imagine, no ongoing fees for usage, no contracts, no activation, and no hidden fees of any kind. WebShare is a complete purchase; no annual maintenance or support fees are required.

WebShare—the affordable answer for branded web conferencing services supporting impromptu meetings as well as carefully planned conferences.

Compare WebShare to the Competition

Secure Conferencing

By owning the software, WebShare can be hosted behind the enterprise firewall providing security in-line with corporate security requirements.

Easy to Join Meetings

Meeting participants can join from any computer or SmartPhone worldwide and moderators can launch a web or videoconference sharing their screen and content!

Multi-Device Support

WebShare supports MAC and PC as well as mobile devices and tablets