About WebShare

With more than five years of investment in web conferencing software development the founders of WebShare are excited to offer enterprise organizations a new solution; the opportunity to own a brandable version of the technology driving GoToMeeting, WebEx and other globally recognized web conferencing systems.

The founders of WebShare launched GoConference in 2004 with the objective of bringing a modern user interface to quality toll-free teleconferencing services. With an affordable wholesale distribution strategy, the company has made a successful mark with clients. CEO and founder, Herb Levitin.

WebShareSoftare built an enterprise solution based on technological advantages including removing the requirement for software download by attendees. Levitin and his team have become experts in delivering affordable web conferencing solutions. Through technological-based advances simplifying web conferencing, they’ve delivered on the promise of a fast ROI, high-margins and ubiquitous use.


We are software and conferencing experts that are 100% dedicated to web conferencing solutions.


Our systems and processes built exclusively for delivering conferencing based services.


Our software was designed to handle highly customized environments and to adjust to the needs of enterprise clients quickly and efficiently.


We have built our careers around a passion for enterprise-level conferencing solutions.